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Zhangzhou Stronghold Steel Pipes combines the industry’s premium quality spiral  pipes, a customer-centric sales staff, and the best value-added service from start to finish

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We provide outstanding premium quality SSAW steel pipes and best value-added service from start to finish – The world material & service of choice!


Who We Are

Zhangzhou Stronghold Steel Works. Co. Ltd. is a steel pipe manufacturer in China. Our main focus is producing large diameter spiral welded pipes also known as Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe (SSAW).
We have two Factories for Spiral Pipe Mill and SRM Pipe Mill in Zhangzhou in Fujian Province, China.

Our company is affiliated to TKC Group &  was founded on June 13, 2005, with the registered capital of FORTY MILLION US DOLLAR, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary with the headquarter located in the Philippines, it is also the first enterprise producing spiral SSAW welded steel pipes in Fujian Province. 

Our company was considered to be the “Key Project Unit” by Fujian Provincial government.

We are a customer-centric company

Putting our customer at the heart of our organization

SSAW Spiral Welded Pipe Characteristics

Our manufacturing & SSAW welding techniques are recognized globally due to its strength, wall thickness, high-quality steel pipes, pressure-resistant, and anti-corrosion delivering greater customer satisfaction. 

  • Durable quality
  • Long-term cost-effective
  • Abrasion resistance materials against collision
  • High-performance treatment
  • Safe to use
  • High durability
  • Anti-corrosion premium quality
  • Deformation resistant

Uses Of SSAW Spiral Welded Pipe

Piling Pipe

Seaport Construction * Yard Buildings * Building Foundation * Marine Foundations * Onshore & Offshore

piling pipe supplier

The steel piling pile is a type of spiral welded steel pipe that is commonly used for different industries from building constructions, excavation, onshore or offshore oil and gas drilling projects.

Pipe Bridge

Industrial Bridge Pipe * Water Bridge Crossing* Utility Pipe Bridge * Gas & Oil Pipe Bridge * Elevated Highways

pipe bridge

Some pipe bridges are designed and built specifically to support a walkway for maintenance purposes, to support multiple pipes where the structure is not available, or to run pipelines for overhead heating system, or for crossed arches for water supplies.

Underground Pipe

Water Drainage  * Tunnel Construction * Sewerage * Passageways * Waste Water * Oil & Gas

underground pipes

Tube pipes are quite popular for the drainage system for both home plumbing systems or for big construction projects.

Our Projects

  • Gas & Oil
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Roads & Elevated Highways
  • Water pipelines
  • Sewage 
  • Construction Pilings
  • Drainage
  • Ports & Airports
  • Ship Building
  • Rail Roads
  • Building Structures
pipe pile for seaport
steel tubular piles
spiral steel pipe
ssaw spiral welded pipe
ssaw spiral weld pipe

SSAW Spiral Welded Pipe Quality Inspection & Testing Facilities

SSAW pipe

Ultrasonic Tester (UT) Online

welded pipe

Manual UT Tester

welded spiral pipes


steel pipes manufacturer


steel pipes manufacturers

Drop Weight Impact Tester

SSAW welded pipe

Pendulum Impact Tester

spiral welded steel pipe

Eddy Current Tester

ssaw pipe

Metal Chemical Composition Tester

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