Advantages Of Micropile For Deep Foundations

Micropile is a small diameter drilled-deep foundation pipe piles that are normally between 5-12 inches in diameter that can extend to about 200 feet in depths.

Micropiles were conceived in Italy in the early 1950s. The late Dr. Fernando Lizzi of Naples, Italy, who developed the concept of Pali Radice (root piles), for innovative techniques for underpinning historic buildings and monuments that had sustained damage with time. Source: Wikipedia.


Why Consider Using Micropile For Foundation?

Micropiles are generally used for unstable ground erecting structures or renovating foundational systems. It can also be used to bear the heavy load capacity of the building structures or seaport projects, cofferdam construction, marine foundation farther down the earth’s surface.

The use of micropiles has become popular in many geotechnical projects for foundation reinforcement.

Advantages of Micropile

Micropile Construction Installations

Micropiles can be installed in several ways using rotary drilling (mud or air),  pipe jacking, or the use of auger machinery.  

Specialized drilling equipment is often required to install the micropiles from within the existing basement or other limited headroom facilities.

Micropile installation video courtesy of EBS Geostructural Construction Company.

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