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What is Spiral Pipe Applications & Uses

Spiral pipe is a type of welded steel pipe that can be used for various applications.

The welding process allows the steel pipes manufacturers to produce large-diameter steel pipes suitable for different applications such as to transport oil & gas in a large amount over a long distance, drainage construction, offshore projects, structural foundations, and among others.  

Steel pipes are becoming popular due to their durability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Advantages Of Micropile For Deep Foundations

Micropile is a small diameter drilled-deep foundation pipe piles that are normally between 5-12 inches in diameter that can extend to about 200 feet in depths.

Micropiles are generally used for unstable ground erecting structures or renovating foundational systems. It can also be used to bear the heavy load capacity of the building structures or seaport projects, cofferdam construction, marine foundation farther down the earth’s surface.

Steel Pipe Sizes & Dimensions For Structural & Pipe Pile

Steel Pipe dimension includes the outer diameter (OD) of the pipes, wall thickness (WT), and the pipe length.

The steel pipe weight will be depending on steel pipe usage. How much pressure does the pipe could bear, the thickness, and the maximum length needed as per project application.

What is The Best Pipe Pile Specification

Normally, a geotechnical engineer recommends a piling pipe based on project site conditions. He evaluates the soil’s conditions and a structural engineer evaluates the structural capabilities of the structure load.

Advantages of Spiral Welded Pipe SSAW

The steel pipe strength, wall thickness, pressure-resistant, and anti-corrosion delivers satisfaction to our customers. Longer length, due to its spiral seam SSAW pipe has an accurate diameter accuracy and strength, sizes are adjustable, and the thickness can tailor to end-users.

Welded Pipes Versus Seamless Steel Pipes

Welded pipes are made up of a hot-rolled coiled steel strip that is then rolled into a cylindrical shape. The seam is then welded. Welded pipes are also made by electric welding (Longitudinal Seam welded or Spiral Welded Pipes).

Seamless pipes are long steel tubes with no welding or joints and are manufactured from solid round billets which is then cut into appropriate lengths.

Welded tube is less expensive than seamless pipes and is readily available in big diameter pipes and long lengths.

SSAW Steel Pipes Usage

SSAW steel pipes (Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipes) are made of hot-rolled coiled steel using a double-sided submerged arc welding method.

The SSAW welding process allows the steel pipes manufacturers to produce large-diameter pipes that are suitable for transporting fluids and low-pressure applications.

What is Welded Pipe?

Welded pipe is much common in the pipeline, machinery, and the construction industry.  There are two types of welded pipes such as the Spiral Welded Pipes and The Longitudinal Welded Pipes.

Spiral welded pipes the weld or seam in these pipes is in the form of a spiral. The sheets are formed into a spiral using submerged arc welding process. Spiral steel pipes are known as SSAW pipes (submerged arc welded pipes).They have large-diameter in size.

Advantages Of Spiral Welded Pipe?

In recent years, there has been a large supply of spiral steel pipes in the market.

The advances in welding technologies have given rise to the popularity of welded tubing.

There is a different application for spiral welded steel pipe – from underwater applications, thermal industries, for pipe bridge, construction of gas pipelines, pipe pile, transporting liquids, thermal industries, drainage, tunnel projects, boiler manufacturing, cofferdams, trestle, irrigation, barge construction, and retaining walls.

Construction Steel Pipes

Construction steel pipes are versatile. Many contractors and builders are choosing steel pipes over other materials. It can be adapted to different functions in the construction industry.

Steel pipes can be produced to any width, height, and strength required to meet the specifications needed. It can be used on land, or over the water. There are some ways to customized the steel pipes that include the choice of seamless or welded, types from carbon, alloy and stainless steel.

The Advantages of Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel pipes are anti-corrosion steel pipes. The Galvanized pipe is made of solid steel and coated by zinc.

One of the benefits of galvanized steel pipes ensures the longest possible lifespan. In addition to anti-corrosion, galvanized coatings also provide scraping or scratching resistance, non-stick performance, and chemical protection. 

Underground Pipes For Drainage

Pipes for drainage system is dependent on the quality of its component parts.

Tube pipes are quite popular for the drainage system for both home plumbing systems or for big construction projects. Steel pipes or carbon steel pipe are traditional piping material in the plumbing industry. Our steel pipes manufacturing facilities & welding techniques are recognized for delivering satisfaction to our customers.

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