Pipeline Transportation For Oil and Gas
API 5L, GB/T 9711


Oil and gas industry implementation standard of steel pipe for oil and gas pipeline transportation system and line pipe.

With our strong competence in manufacturing spiral steel pipes for the oil and gas industry, our SSAW steel pipes are becoming popular to their durability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Our process allows us to produce large-diameter steel pipes suitable to transport oil & gas in a large amount over a long distance.  

Our spiral pipes are also exported to North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

We are able to provide durable-quality steel pipes for domestic and international customers with different materials, thicknesses, and sizes.

  • Durable lining quality
  • Long-term cost-effective
  • High-performance treatment
  • Safe to use
  • Corrosion protection

Oil & Gas Industry Pipeline Transportation

Pipelines are used for transporting oil, natural gas, and biofuels as well as other fluids including sewage, transporting water for drinking or for irrigation, steam, slurry for shorter and longer distances. 

Oil and gas pipelines are essentials of modern infrastructure that improve the quality of our lives and the strength of our economy.

Steel pipelines are the efficient and most reliable means of transporting large quantities of crude oil, natural gas, and other refined petroleum products.

Carbon Steel Pipe

Types Of Products For Oil & Gas Industry

  • Dry
  • Odorless
  • Heavy and Light
  • Sweet and sour
  • Petrochemical and Heating
  • Ethane and Butane

API 5L Pipeline Transportation For Oil & Gas Industry

The welded spiral pipes API 5L is commonly used for the transportation of petroleum and natural gas.

SSAW pipes are popular among so many industries and it’s applications, it’s no wonder that a number of different standards organizations impact the production and testing of pipe for use across a wide array of applications.

That is why API (American Petroleum Institute) develops and publishes standards for pipe and other materials used in the oil & gas industry.

Piping under an API standard can be very similar in material and design to pipes used in other industries under other standards.

Zhangzhou Steel Pipes API Certificate


Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe (SSAW)

Outer diameter:  From 273 mm – 2700 mm

Length: max 50 meters

Thickness: 6 mm – 22mm

ssaw steel welded pipe


Click The Below Tab For Steel Pipes Specifications & Applications

Steel pipes oil & gas applications & specs

Steel pipes oil & gas applications & specs

Steel pipes specifications for Water applications

Steel pipes specifications for Water applications

Steel pipes specifications for Water applications


Steel Pipes specifications for Structural & Piling Pipes

Steel Pipes specifications for Structural & Piling Pipes


zhangzhou steel pipes welding machine

We use the IDEALARC® DC-1500 SUBARC ELECTRIC WELDER from LINCOLN ELECTRIC – which allows us to nearly double our line speed while enhances our productivity and quality control.

The DC-1500 is designed for submerged arc welded that produces outstanding welding performance with a single range full output control potentiometer. 

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Each and every one of our employees is committed to anticipating our customer needs in order to deliver and handle the best processes, products, and services from start to finish.

Zhangzhou Steel Pipes focus on assembling, forming, investing in steel pipe manufacturing and welding technology to deliver the highest quality steel pipes to our customers.

And we continue to invest in state-of-the-art processes and quality control standard that ensures our ability to grow and achieve future requirements in the steel pipes industry.

We understand that finding the right steel pipe supplier for the oil and gas industry can be tough sometimes…

In fact, this is the most time-consuming work for any steel pipes stockists, distributors, and constructors.

We know that finding suppliers have gotten easier nowadays…with one click you can land thousands of steel pipe suppliers on the internet. But who you can trust from start to finish?

Zhangzhou Steel Pipes mainly focuses on manufacturing Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (SSAW) for the oil and gas industry with Two Factories for Spiral Pipe Mill and SRM Pipe Mill in Zhangzhou in Fujian Province, China.

We are entirely committed to the best quality spiral steel pipes. And best value-added service from start to finish.

We have the ability to provide various diameters and wall thicknesses to accommodate your oil and gas pipeline transportation requirements.

Contact us today with the complete details of your specific needs and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours of business working days. 

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Our Quality Inspection & Testing Facilities

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Ultrasonic Tester (UT) Online

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Manual UT Tester

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Drop Weight Impact Tester

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Pendulum Impact Tester

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Eddy Current Tester

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Metal Chemical Composition Tester