What is The Best Pipe Pile Specification

Pipe pile should be used to prevent the potential movement of the structure from the site soil settlement or vertical movement or caving of the ground.

Normally, a geotechnical engineer recommends a piling pipe based on project site conditions. He evaluates the soil’s conditions and a structural engineer evaluates the structural capabilities of the structure load.

The settlement of the soil can take years or decades or instantaneous that may lead to damaging the structures, infrastructures, or services depending on the underlying condition of the soil and the pipe pile quality and materials.

Image Source CMW Geoscience

Factors Required For Pipe Pile Cost & Specification

  • The Engineer should perform soils investigation
  • Recommend the pipe pile diameter and thickness appropriate for the application
  • Anticipated soil foundation pile depth
  • Pipe pile load-carrying capacity
  • Should meet the construction specification standard

pipe pile

Before a foundation planning may be designed the soils must be evaluated.

Signs of Foundation Problems

  • Sloping floors
  • Wall and floor cracks
  •  Foundation settling
  •  Gap formation on windows and doors
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In order to get the best estimated pipe pile quotation, engineers have evaluated the project site soil conditions, loads to be carried, settlement tolerances, vibrations, and all other factors to meet the optimal pipe pile quality.

Zhangzhou Pipe Pile Specification

structural and piling pipes specifications

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