Spiral Pipe Applications & Uses

What is Spiral Pipe

Spiral pipe is a type of welded steel pipe that can be used for various applications.

The welding process allows the steel pipes manufacturers to produce large-diameter steel pipes suitable for different applications such as to transport oil & gas in a large amount over a long distance, drainage construction, offshore projects, structural foundations, and among others.  

Steel pipes are becoming popular due to their durability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Zhangzhou steel pipe is one of the leading manufacturers of SSAW steel pipes in Fujian, China.

Our spiral pipes are also exported to North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

The Usage & Applications of Spiral Pipes

One of the common applications of the spiral pipe is for the Pipe bridge.

Pipe bridge is designed and built specifically to support a walkway for maintenance purposes or to construct bridges that allow a pipeline crossing a river, highway overpass, or any unstable land areas.

There are several key factors to consider in the construction and usage of the pipe bridge.

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Piling Pipe is normally used for deep foundation farther down from the surface that you will find at the building sites, offshore projects, oil, and gas facilities.

Having the right structural support for deep foundations comes with many options, but SSAW steel pipe piles are the most customizable when it comes to diameter, length, and thickness.


If your industry involves deep foundation structures on land or underwater, piling pipes can handle extremely heavy loads.

The right steel pipe material and specifications can make them work in different environmental conditions.

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The spiral steel pipes are popular for the transfer and distribution of water.

Lining — Water Service

  • Cement mortar
  • per AWWA C200

Water, wastewater, hydropower, and industrial are applications where spiral-welded steel pipe is often used.

spiral pipe cement mortar coating

Spiral pipes are also common for highway drainage and sewerage.

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spiral pipe for drainage

Carbon steel spiral pipes are commonly used to transport oil and gas over long distances. 

The spiral welded pipe has been used for gas transmission pipes in Europe and North America for decades, but recent projects in the USA and China have clearly demonstrated the competitiveness of this type of pipe. 

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What are the Advantages of Spiral Pipe?

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Quality Control & Test Equipment

We continue to invest in our people, equipment, and facilities to provide a satisfactory service and best quality pipes to our customers.

Our strict attention to material selection and inspection procedures ensure that we deliver on the highest quality spiral steel pipes.

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