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Zhangzhou Stronghold Steel Pipe provides premium quality spiral welded pipes.

A customer-centric sales staff, and best value-added services from start to finish.

Zhangzhou steel pipe main focus is producing large diameter welded pipes – The Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipes (SSAW).

We have two Factories for Spiral Pipe Mill and SRM Pipe Mill in Zhangzhou in Fujian Province, China.

Our company is affiliated to TKC Group, &  was founded on June 13, 2005, with the registered capital of FORTY MILLION US DOLLAR, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary with the headquarter located in the Philippines, it is also the first enterprise producing spiral SSAW welded steel pipes in Fujian Province. 

Our company was considered to be the “Key Project Unit” by Fujian Provincial government.

SSAW Steel Pipe Manufacturer You Can Trust

We provide outstanding premium quality spiral welded pipe putting our customers at the heart of our organization.

Our steel pipes are frequently used in different industries from the construction of gas pipelines and for different infrastructure and construction projects. 

It is made up of a hot-rolled coiled steel strip using a double-sided submerged arc welding method.

SSAW – Spiral submerged arc welded pipes
Steel pipe pile or piling pipe
Welded tube steel
Steel pipe
Pipe bridge
Skyline steel pipe piles
Large diameter steel pipes
Carbon welded steel tube
Black steel pipe
Structural steel tubes

Two Most Common Types Of Welded Pipes

1.  Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe (SSAW) pipes

2. Longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipes 

The Difference Between SSAW Pipes & LSAW Pipes

Both SSAW and LSAW pipes are large-diameter steel pipes. 

LSAW steel pipes welding line is straight while the SSAW welding line is spiral.

LSAW steel pipes length range from 3 meters to 15 meters long. 

The maximum length of the LSAW steel pipe is 15 meters long. 

While SSAW steel pipe maximum length is 50 meters.

The spiral welded pipes can be made to the end-use of the steel strip. 

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We have the ability to provide various diameters and wall thicknesses of SSAW steel pipes to accommodate your spiral welded pipes requirements.

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