What is Welded Pipe?

Welded pipe is much common in the pipeline, machinery, and the construction industry.

There are two types of Welded pipes

  1. Spiral Welded Pipes
  2. Longitudinal Welded Pipes

The Difference Between Spiral & Longitudinal Welded Pipes

Spiral welded pipes the weld or seam in these pipes is in the form of a spiral.

The sheets are formed into a spiral using submerged arc welding process.

Spiral steel pipes are known as SSAW pipes (submerged arc welded pipes).

They have large-diameter in size.

Uses of the Spiral welded pipes or SSAW pipes.

Longitudinal welded pipes the weld or seam is straight.

These pipes are also known as the LSAW (longitudinal arc welded pipes).

Welded Pipe Global Demand

welded pipe

China announced in 2017 to increase its existing 112,000 km of energy pipeline network to 169,000 km by 2020 and up to 240,000 km by 2025. Source: Commodity Inside

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Zhangzhou steel pipe is a direct manufacturer the produces spiral welded pipes (SSAW pipes).

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Welded Pipe
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